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The club encourages its members to participate in projects and pool maintenance.

New projects for 2023/24

Wolvey is getting a makeover this year, the pipe between the two lakes has been excavated and has been replaced and a wind powered aerator has been installed. The road has been relaid and a new lodge is going to be built so that the old one can be used as a store. Ongoing we are replacing or repairing the fishing platforms as needed. We would like to thank the members who have been busy doing all of this to improve the lakes for everyone and would remind the rest that this club wouldn't exist without the effort of people like this, sadly work party numbers have dwindled and it seems that a very small number of members are doing all of the work. Please find time to do your fair share.

New projects for 2021


We have got several projects in the pipeline at the moment which should come to fruition this year.


  Aerators have been ordered for Wolvey and we are just waiting for stock to arrive in the Uk to allow a date to be set for installation. If all goes well they should be operational by the summer.

  A new lodge is being sourced for Copston Magna and when installed should improve the overall experience, giving us somewhere to shelter when it rains.

Covid aside, 2021 promises to be a good year for the club.


Addendum: I am pleased to say that all of the above projects have now been completed, see the new lodge at Copston Magna. A big thankyou to all of the members who gave up their time to make this happen.

Argulus Fish Louse - Control


Our lakes at Wolvey have periodically had an issue with Argulus fish louse and in Jan 2019 we became aware of trials involving the the placing of black plastic pipes in the margins where Argulus can lay there eggs, which can easily be removed to dry and kill the eggs. So we decided to give it a go, placing 4 pipes in each lake. To our surprise after just several days the pipes were covered in egg strings, as the photo below shows.

Encouraged by early success, we now intend to install more pipes.

Further information can be found on the Canal and River Trust website at :-


Wolvey Work Party Team - 28th April 2019

For general lakeside maintenance (grass cutting, hedge trimming etc) work parties are planned throughout the year. Work parties are organised for a Sunday morning, commencing at 9am and generally finishing about 1.00pm. The more volunteers that turn up the more we are able to do. Work party dates are posted adjacent to the booking in areas and can also be found in the Diary date section of the website.

Other larger projects are organised on an ad hoc basis with members notified by email if volunteers are required.


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Wolvey Re-Surfacing


During November 2018,  we took delivery of 34 tons of material to re surface the track that had become rutted and full of pot holes, plus the area in front of the lodge. With the assistance of a farmer an excellent job was made.



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