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Warwickshire Flyfishers

River Swift Improvement

Restoration work on the river began in the early summer of 2005. The river had been largely left to its own devices before then, although the club had been stocking and fishing since 1999.

It became all too obvious that improvements had to be made if better fishing was to be had.

Armed with a review from an Advisory Visit from the Wild Trout Trust, a small but enthusiastic group began to work. Commencing at the northern end of the club's beat of approx. 3miles, the next 3 summers saw a tremendous difference in both the environment and fishing prospects for members.

The following section gives a very brief picture of the work carried out by the team:-

The following pictures are of the creation from start to finish of a gravel riffle on the Swift in July 2010

Section identified for the Riffle

Gravel Delivery

 20 Tons of Gravel. Did we order too much ?

Spreading the Gravel

The finished Riffle. We hope the Trout appreciate it.

The reed beds have been controlled in the upper areas, some through scything. However, far more effective in the long-term has been improving the current and digging out of the beds.


Where there has been a lack of cover for trout, hideaways have been created. Riffles and rocky obstructions have also provided shelter for the fish.

Hideaway in the Mill Field

Tackling a heavily choked area.



Egg Boxes

As well as improving the habitat, 3 sub-strate egg boxes have been placed in the river to try to create some "home grown trout". Sponsored by Gazeley Properties at Magna Park, 5000 eyed ova were placed in these boxes in the last 2006. We hope that the resultant fry will develop into mature adults and breed using the improved gravel beds as redds.

Installing home made egg box

A further Advisory Visit by the Wild Trout Trust in 2008 confirmed how much of an improvement there has been.

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